WSUS Client Diagnostic Tool

Having trouble with a client not getting updates from your Windows Update Services Server ? Then have a look at the WSUS Client Diagnostics Tool.  The tool performs various system checks and tests the communication between your client and the WSUS server.


The Tool can be downloaded from the Windows Server Update Services Tools and Utilities site at Microsoft TechNet.

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  1. One of the current challenges with this tool from Microsoft is that it only runs on 32-bit systems. Great if you’re still trying to get an older system hooked up to WSUS, but if you’re running on newer hardware with x64 installations of Win7/Win2008R2, not much help.

    Last June, SolarWinds released a replacement tool, the Diagnostic Tool for the WSUS Agent (, which does run on x64 systems. In addition, we took the opportunity to enhance the tool and provide user-friendly diagnostic information on notable FAILs, and more relevant (and updated) information on other tests.

    Now we’re making that FREE tool available for download with NO REGISTRATION requirement. Go get it today, and just Use It! 🙂

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