The VistaPE project

Those of you that work within the desktop management space might be familiar with the PE Builder aka as BartPE.Since WinPE was only available to enterprise customers, BartPE was a good alternative for those that had did not have access to WinPE. the PE builder allowed building a preboot environment boot CD by just using the Windows XP or Windows 2003 sources.

With the release of the Windows Automated Installation kit (WAIK), anyone has access to WinPE 2.0, so anyone now can build his PE based boot sources.

Yesterday i came across the VistaPE project, VistaPE is based on WinBuilder which is a script engine to produce boot disks.

VistaPE already comes with a prepared set of drivers, a graphical interface for PE and a couple of applications and utilities. The WinBuilder application allows you to add , remove and customize the content of your boot cd.



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