Getting annoyed by the rumors

Instead of manually searching the web, i have created some Google Alerts. This is very useful as it does simply send me an e-mail every day with the found results.

Of course like many others i’m also interested about what is going on around Windows 7, but to be honest, i really am not interested on how “Paint” will look.

What annoys me most is all the rumors going around about the possible release date for Windows 7, first we heard 2010, then some argue 2009, but today i even see messages speaking about Summer 2009 and of course Microsoft is not commenting on any of those messages.

But they should, because it’s about money and time being invested. In an earlier post i had argued not to wait and move to Vista, but if i would put myself into the seat of A CIO i would get concerned on what decision is to be made.

Again, i would wish to see some clear statements from Microsoft, especially what customers can do that have adopted Vista or plan to do in the very near future. Will there be an easy upgrade path , just like adding a service pack ? In the past an in-place upgrade was rather a no-go when doing serious IT management, i have seen very few companies doing in-place upgrades on clients as it is rather messy, however considering the new modular way the OS has been build we might want to re-evaluate such an approach if that would be provided to get a Vista client up to the next level. Well let’s see Microsoft plans to tell us more in November at the PDC. Just hope they are aware of the following, in many companies IT spending budgets are being planned in these days, not in december !

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