How to configure system volume with PowerShell

Back in 2011 I wrote a blog post on how to mute Windows System Volume programmatically.  This week I found another approach on GitHub using PowerShell. The PowerShell Module WindowsAudioDevice-Powershell-Cmdlet provides a number of cmdlets to control the Windows System volume. Get-DefaultAudioDevice Get-AudioDeviceList Set-DefaultAudioDevice [-Index] <Int> Set-DefaultAudioDevice [-Name] <String> Set-DefaultAudioDevice [-InputObject] <AudioDevice> Set-DefaultAudioDeviceVolume -Volume <float> Get-DefaultAudioDeviceVolume Set-DefaultAudioDeviceMute Write-DefaultAudioDeviceValue [-StreamValue I wrote the below PowerShell script to solve a request to set the system volume to mute. Read More …

How to reapply a Group Policy Preference that is configured to Apply Once

When creating a Group Policy Preference you can configure it to only apply once. The exact wording is “Apply once and do not reapply”. But when you are implementing such a GPP you most likely want to test the setting prior moving it into production. So here’s a brief explanation how to reapply a GPP when it’s configured to apply once. The below screen shot illustrates a GPP that is configured to write a registry Read More …

Tip: PowerShell Script to create Shutdown/Restart/Logoff Windows 8 Tile for the Start menu

A PowerShell script shows how to create a Shutdown, Restart or Logoff Windows 8 tile for the Start menu. Script source and documentation can be downloaded from here

Bill Gates announcing the Surface in 1991

Being interested in computer history, now and then I look at old recordings and found Bill Gates announcing the Touch Sensitive Surface 21 years before Steve Ballmer made the announcement in 2012.  Bill Gates mentions “Surface” near 2.22 mins.

How to change the SCCM 2012 Package Source Path with PowerShell

Let’s assume you’ve just created a larger number of packages within SCCM 2012 and then you’re asked to move the package sources to a different location. I guess no-one on earth would want to visit each package and update the data source manually, So I wrote 2 scripts that automate this task. It could actually be done with one script, but when it comes to changing such things I prefer to validate things. As you Read More …

PowerShell: Script to Retrieve SCCM 2012 Client Settings

4/3/2017 – Update:  here’s a better version:   To make documenting the configured SCCM Client configuration settings a bit easier I wrote a small script that retrieves all the configured settings for the Default and custom  configuration settings. To run this script the Configuration Manager powershell module must be loaded and connected to the site.