Finding Group Policy Settings through Windows 7 Search Connector

Since the release of Windows 7 and Server 2008-R2 we have about 3000 Group Policy Settings available to centrally configure and manage Windows clients and servers. Though some among us might have worked with GPO settings from the early days on, knowing about the existence of each and every available setting is nearly impossible. It still happens to me that while I am configuring a specific GPO setting, I do come across other GPOs I Read More …

BlogTip: Group Policy Center

Being generally interested in Group Policy Management I was more than happy to stumble upon this blog today called the Group Policy Center – A very nice blog with News, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks about Microsoft Windows Group Policy.

Updated Group Policy Online University

In January 2009 Jeremy Moskovitz launched the Online University for Group Policy Management. I wrote about that earlier in my blog post “Online Group Policy University”. In the past weeks Jeremy has put an additional great amount of effort in reworking the offerings, so that now you have the possibility of selecting and ordering individual Modules and and options. Additionally there are some very attractive payment options as well that might be interesting for those Read More …

Expanded Control with Group Policy Preferences article from TechNet Magazine

For those interested in Group Policy Preferences I recommend reading the “Expanded Control with Group Policy Preferences” that is published in the January 2009 issue on TechNet Magazine. And as always the full January 2009 help file version can be downloaded here.