How to detect if Windows Touch is enabled

While I was actually looking for something totally different, I stumbled over the IsTouchEnabled.exe that is stored within the MDT 2012 \Tools\OSDResults folder. The name says it all, it detects whether the device supports Touch or not. So I copied the utility and ran it on a Samsung Tablet with Windows 7 installed, a HP Workstation with Windows 7 installed, on a HP Mobile workstation with Windows 8 installed and on the HP ElitePad with Windows 8 installed. On both the Tablet devices the utility correctly detected touch being enabled.


So if you happen to run across a scenario where you need to do this or that depending on whether the device supports Touch or not the IsTouchEnabled.exe might help.

@echo off

for /f "delims=" %%a in (‘IsTouchEnabled.exe’) do set Touch=%%a

If "%Touch%" == "1" (

        Echo Touch is enabled

        ‘ run your code here

        ) ELSE (

        Echo Touch is not enabled

        ‘ run your code here



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