Collecting Internet Explorer Add-on information

The Windows 8 developer preview build installation media contains an executable called wicainventory.exe. Wicainventory tool collects application and device information. There is also a wica.ini file that contains 2 URLs. I assume that the Tool is used by Microsoft to collect telemetry data.

While there are plenty of other methods to collect software and hardware inventory data, wicainventory provides a nice way to collect Internet Explorer add-on information. For running wicainventory standalone the following files must be copied from the Windows 8 installation sources.


To collect Internet Explorer Add-on information, run the following command at the command prompt.

wicainventory.exe /IEADDONS /output IEAddons.xml

2011-10-30 14h01_07

With a few clicks the output xml can be easily imported into Microsoft Excel where then you get a clear view of the installed Internet Explorer Add-on’s.

2011-10-30 14h05_44

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