Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DART) Remote Connection Tool

Just a few weeks ago Microsoft released a public Beta version of the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DART) 7. One of the new features of DART7 is the Remote Connection Tool. Okay, I agree this is not rocked science, actually I’ve written about this before using a VNC client, but now that it is included within the tool suite, it’s just there and ready to use.

Let’s have a look how this works. On the client side we boot the client into DART, this can be either from a DVD, USB, from the local disk or PXE boot. Note that when creating the DART media you must include additional network drivers for the clients you use, unless already supported by the out-of-the-box drivers included within PE.

2011-04-28 21h22_21
2011-04-28 21h22_54
2011-04-28 21h23_30
2011-04-28 21h24_56

Once the Remote Connection tool has started, the DART Remote Connection Viewer must be launched. After entering the Ticket Number, IP Address and Port number a remote connection can be established.

2011-04-28 21h26_15
2011-04-28 21h27_48

According to a blog post on Windows for your Business DART7 is planned to be made available in Q3 2011.

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