ViewTip: Vista to Win7 transition bug

This week Jeremy Moskowitz wrote about a Vista/Win7 GPO bug in his weekly newsletter you should know about if you are transitioning to Windows 7. If you are a systems administrator dealing with Group Policies I strongly recommend to sign-up Read More …

Windows 7 versus Vista and XP

Kai Schmerer from ZDNet Germany has done some benchmarking with Windows 7 , Vista and XP. The full article can be found here

Windows Services, What changed from Vista to Windows7 – Part2

In part one of “Windows Services, What changed from Vista to Windows7”  I highlighted the new, renamed and removed services that come with Windows7. Some Services are not quite new, but are now just installed by default. One example is Read More …

Windows Services, what changed from Vista to Windows7 Part1

Today I took a closer look at the Windows Services running on Windows7. A lot of the performance improvements with Windows7 are related to the way how and when services are being loaded so i thought it’s worth to see Read More …

Some thoughts about moving away from XP from Gartner

Although I don’t agree with everything Gartner writes the “Getting Off Windows XP Is More Important Than Windows Vista vs. Windows 7” article describes some thoughts to be made when planning the move from Windows XP to the next OS.

Free Microsoft Press E-Book: Windows Vista Resource Kit

Microsoft Press is celebrating their 25th anniversary and is therefore giving away the “Windows Vista Resource Kit, Second Edition” E-BOOK. You can download the complete E-Book (44 MB) from here.

Windows 7: Application Compatibility

I’ve just spend an hour in gathering some additional information around Windows 7 Application Compatibility. Till now when we moved to a new operating system version a significant amount of effort was required with regard to application compatibility. So will Read More …

Shutting down or Reboot Vista when remotely connected

When you are logged on to a Vista Client through a remote desktop connection, you don’t see the option to shutdown or reboot the system within the Start Menu.   But if you are within the remote session and press Read More …

I have changed my mind

In October 2008 I dropped a post called Don’t wait for Windows 7. Well during the past days I have changed my mind and I guess many others did as well concerning waiting for Windows 7. When Windows 7 came Read More …

Vista SP1 download using BITSADMIN

I wrote about BITSADMIN earlier, use the below command line to directly download Vista SP1. Note that you have to create the c;\download folder yourself or define an other path. BITSADMIN /TRANSFER VSP1 C:\DOWNLOAD\Windows6.0-KB936330-X86-wave0.exe