Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window

…….That’s the message i got yesterday when I wanted to start Outlook 2007. I solved the problem after having found the solution on Running the following command fixed the issue. outlook.exe /resetnavpane A complete reference of all the Microsoft Outlook 2007 command-line switches can be found here

Removing large size content from outlook calendar

Most companies put storage limits on their users mailboxes. To avoid full mailboxes, some periodic housekeeping is required. This can be done by either using the archiving function or by deleting content manually. To identify calendar entries with large attachments, select your calendar, select View, then Current View, then Outlook Data files. Then click on the “size” column to sort the calendar entries by size. You should now see the calendar entries sorted by its Read More …

Outlook add-in for Office Communicator

Those of you who work with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Office Communicator 2007 might be interested in this one. On the MSDN code Gallery you can find a Communicator Add In for Outlook 2007. Instead of switching between the two applications, the Add In embeds your Office Communicator contacts in Outlook 2007 as shown in the picture below.