A quick look at the Windows PowerShell Module for Intel vPro

In a previous post Using Intel AMT Power Management @ Home I wrote about how to use Intel AMT Power Management at home or let’s say in an environment where you don’t have systems managed by an infrastructure that provides Read More …

Remote Management of AMT/vPro machine with WinPE and VNC

Intel vPro/AMT enabled systems allow you to remotely reboot a system from a redirected CD-ROM aka as IDE-R.  So if one of your users devices doesn’t boot its OS properly anymore, you can remotely boot that system with a diagnostics Read More …

Intel Anti-Theft Technology

Another thing I came across this week was the Intel Anti-Theft Technology videos. So if you are interested to see how Intel could help you getting back your notebook watch the videos posted here.

Intel vPro review

Okay, I must admit, I don’t believe in all Gartner is publishing, but while I was looking for some additional information around “DASH” I found the following interesting “Revisiting vPro for Corporate Purchases” article from Gartner, worth a read.