Using Hard Links – Part Two

In my previous post Using hard Links – Part One I explained how Hard Links work. Today’s post is about using hard links with USMT 4.0 in a Windows XP to Windows 7 migration scenario. A typical client migration scenario Read More …

ToolTip: Hardlink Scanner

Here’s another nice utility I found today called Hard Link Scanner. Hard Link scanner is a command line tool that scans directories for hard linked files. Download Hard Link Scanner from here

ToolTip: Link Shell Extension

Earlier this week I wrote about using Hard Links. By doing my research on this subject I came across the Link Shell Extension utility. As the name says the utility extends the shell with additional options to create hard and Read More …

Using Hard Links – Part One

Nowadays we often hear the term Hard link in conjunction with Windows 7 deployments, this because the User State Migration Tool 4.0 aka USMT now provides support for hard links. The advantage of using hard links is that there is Read More …

What’s New in the Windows User State Migration Tool

Read about what’s new in USMT (User State Migration Tool), download the whitepaper here