How to prevent a Metro App from running using Applocker

In Windows 8 the Applocker feature has been extended to support management of metro style apps. Enterprise administrators can define a Packaged app Rule to allow or deny the installation and/or use of a particular metro style app. When opening Read More …

Skype Group Policy Settings

Just recently one of our customers requested the Skype (Business version) Application to be packaged for software distribution, so I wondered what the status is these days with regard to locking down Skype with Group Policy. Well the results are Read More …

XP Mode within the Enterprise

Last week I had a Windows 7 planning meeting with one of our clients and like in any other Windows 7 related meeting that i have had in the past months with other customers, the topic about XP Mode was Read More …

Windows Licensing Fact Sheet

Has your organization ever acquired PCs without operating systems preinstalled, and then used its Volume Licensing agreement to install the full operating system on those PCs? Download the Windows Licensing Fact Sheet to learn more about Windows Licensing.

Windows 7 SKUs

In Windows 7 each SKU is a superset of the previous SKU. Read more about the Windows 7 SKUs on the Windows Blog “A closer look at the Windows 7 SKUs”