Installing Microsoft Azure AD Connect

Last week Microsoft anounced GA for Azure AD Connect. To get a better understanding of how this all works, I installed it in my Cloud based lab that is hosted in Azure. I was supposed to demonstrate this to a colleague at work this week, but simply couldn’t find time for it, so here’s a short description on how to get started for him and for anyone else. First I recommend to read through the Read More …

XenApp Demos from the Cloud

In these days we hear a lot about Desktop Virtualization and Application Virtualization. Last week-end someone asked me what I was currently doing and I told him that beside my normal day job, I am doing a number of Citrix trainings. Now let me mention that this person is just a regular user who doesn’t know anything about managing an Enterprise IT infrastructure, leave alone he would understand what Virtualization technology is about. Heck… how Read More …

Live Mesh – A review

It’s been in May this year that i first wrote about Microsoft Live Mesh, later in July I was able to get it installed and since then i have been using it on a regular basis. Not that there is anything new in remote controlling a PC and sharing documents, but it is the simplicity how it is done and how it can be used. Once you have added your clients to live mesh, you Read More …

Cloud Printing

We all have heard about Cloud Computing, now there is Cloud Printing ! Check out HPs CloudPrint. It’s still in BETA but worth to take a look.

Windows Azure an introduction

Curious about Windows Azure ? Manuvir-Das-Introducing-Windows-Azure More information about Windows Azure can be found here