PowerShell Script – Get-WinBuildInfo

Here’s a script I wrote that retrieves all the Windows 10 build information, including Insider level when enabled.  

And here’s a list of sites that provide information about the builds, releases, version numbers etc. http://changewindows.org/platform/desktop https://buildfeed.net/ https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/release-info.aspx https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12387/windows-10-update-history?ocid=client_wu  

PowerShell Script: Retrieve all Office 365 URLs and IP Ranges

This week I took the Office 365 Performance Management course on the Microsoft Virtual Academy. If you have any plans using Office 365 I strongly recommend taking this course. One of the topics that was often highlighted is the importance of having all Office 365 URLs and IP Ranges configured on the outbound allow list. The Office 365 URLs and IP Ranges are documented here and the changes to the list are described here. As Read More …

XP Mode within the Enterprise

Last week I had a Windows 7 planning meeting with one of our clients and like in any other Windows 7 related meeting that i have had in the past months with other customers, the topic about XP Mode was brought up. It appears that when speaking about application compatibility, first thing people think of is XP Mode. To be honest I don’t blame them, because when XP Mode was first introduced in April 2009 Read More …

Optimizations for Virtualized Windows 7 clients

Just found these two blog posts that describe some Registry and Services optimizations when running Windows 7 as a virtual client. Windows 7 Registry Optimizations for Virtual Desktops Windows 7 Optimization – Disable Services Thanks to Daniel Feller for sharing this

Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta

Today Microsoft released the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta. The tools scans your system and checks if its able to run Winodws7. Download here

Wireless Power Technology

Will we get rid of batteries soon ? Read more here: http://www.ecoupled.com/index.html

Wireless Router with Power button

This is what i have been looking for since a while, about 12 months ago i was actively searching for a Wireless router with a power on/off button, but with no luck. Yesterday i read a local IT magazine where there was a reference to a Netgrear Wireless Router that has a power on/off button. I find having a power on/off button very useful for 2 reasons: Energy saving Less Wireless signals in the house Read More …

Yet another document resource

Back from vacation and cleaning up my mail. A colleague has send us the link to Scribd. Scribd is a document sharing community and by just browsing quickly through the content it looks like there is a lot of interesting reading stuff there. Those interested in Windows Server 2008 can download the free eBook Windows 2008 Server unleashed with 1’400 pages.

Automating Regional settings configuration for Vista

In my earlier post "Automating Regional Settings configuration" I described how to script the Regional Options settings for Windows XP using a rundll command. For Windows Vista there is a similar trick using the following command: control intl.cpl,, /f:“filename.xml” Details on how to populate the filename.xml are documented on Microsoft Technet – Guide to Windows Vista Multilingual User Interface.