PowerShell Script – List Scheduled Tasks

Here’s a simple script I put together to list the scheduled tasks including the description, status and whether the task is set to hidden or not. When deploying a new operating system I find it important to understand what scheduled tasks are enabled to run, as sometimes there might be some potential to improvie the systems performance by disabling those you feel are not needed in your environment.

Within the Scheduled Tasks UI, by Read More …

Managing Windows Defender / System Center Endpoint Security with PowerShell

I just read a blog post from Ed Wilson (Scripting Guy) about Use PowerShell to Configure Windows Defender Preferences and wondered if there’s more here. And yes there is. If you have a default insallation of Windows 8 and have defender enabled or work in an enterprise environment and use Configuration Manager with the  System Center Endpoint Security agent deployed on your clients then you the below listed cmdlets available. Windows Defender To get a Read More …

How to export third-party driver packages using PowerShell

Windows 8.1 Update introduces a new cmdlet that allows you to export third-party drivers that are located within the driver store of a Windows client.

The result, all drivers exported into the provided destination directory Now we have a whole bunch of folders, but what drivers did we actually export?

For more information read the What’s new in DISM article here