ToolTip: Attribute Changer

While writing a script that checks the number of days between now and when a particular folder is created I found this Windows Explorer extension called Attribute Changer. Very handy utility when you need to change the creation date of a file or folder to simulate an earlier or later date.  Attribute Changer can be downloaded from here

Tip: Remove Redundant Messages from Outlook 2010

The title says it all, if you’re suffering from too much e-mail Outlook 2010 provides a nice feature to get rid of redundant messages with just a few clicks. Before trying this out, I suggest you read this article so you understand what is happening here and if you have some time watch the demo here.

Enable Windows Remote Management through Group Policy

In today’s post I am going to show you how to enable Windows Remote Management through Group Policy.If you haven’t heard of Windows Remote Management yet I recommend you read the articles I have referenced below. When enabled and configured Windows Remote Management provides an easy way for IT Administrators to remotely access and manage Windows Clients and Servers. If you have used the Microsoft Sysinternals PSTools suite, you’re going to like this one as Read More …

Are my Windows Power Settings Energy Star compliant?

I am often asked by customers whether their Windows 7 Power Settings are Energy Star compliant. The recommendations for Windows clients are: Computers must enter system standby or hibernate after 30 to 60 minutes of inactivity. Monitors must enter sleep mode after 5 to 20 minutes of inactivity Windows 7 by default comes with 3 Power Plans. High Performance, Balanced (default) and Power Saver. If you have enabled the Balanced or Power Saver power plan Read More …

Windows 8 Active Directory based volume activation

Windows Server 8 comes with a new role called Volume Activation Services. The Volume Activation Service allows IT administrators to enable volume activation for domain joined systems using a Key Management Service Host (KMS) or Active Directory based Activation. This means in theory that going forward there is no need anymore to install and manage a separate infrastructure for volume activation of Windows clients, servers and office, but according to the article “What’s new in Read More …

Performing a Windows Performance Assessment with the Windows ADK

By now most of you have probably looked at the Windows 8 client or server preview build and unfortunately the most attention is given to the new Metro look, but hey there’s more than that coming, in fact there’s some awesome stuff coming I’d like you to know about. With Windows Vista and Windows 7 Microsoft also released the Windows Automated Installation Kit known as WAIK. For Windows 8 this is now being rebranded into Read More …

Windows 8 Support for eDrives

I have just installed the Windows 8 Assessment and Deployment Kit and came across some information about Windows 8 support for eDrive also known as the Encrypted Hard Disk Drive.. The Windows Setup Reference mentions a new setting called Microsoft-Windows-EnhancedStorage-Adm / TCGSecurityActivationDisabled. By default, when Windows is installed on an eDrive, Windows automatically encrypts the drive by using TCG and IEEE 1667 transport standards. More information: eDrive Device Guide Almost All Future Drives Will Self Read More …

Update for Google Toolbar available (fixes issues with Internet Explorer 8 and 9

If you’re using the Google Toolbar and Internet Explorer 8/9 you might have experienced bad browser performance (I did). There is an update from Google that seems to solve these issues. It did for me so far. The Microsoft KB can be found here but since that article only refers to the Google site, you can get the update directly from here

ToolTip: CBS Package Inspector

CBS Package Inspector (Package Inspector) is a GUI tool that allows you to open up a Component Based Servicing (CBS) package and view and examine its manifests. In simple words, with this utility you can open and view the content of Microsoft Security Update and QFE packages provided as MUS or a CAB file. This tool becomes handy when you need to take a closer look what files or registry settings an update applies.   The Read More …

ToolTip: Remote Desktop remote configurator (RDRemote)

I’ve found another useful utility called RDRemote. The RDRemote Utility allows to enable the Remote Desktop connections from a remote computer using WMI. RDRemote can be downloaded from here