ToolTip: SoftPerfect Network Scanner

Just found another nice FREE Utility. As the name says SoftPerfect Network Scanner allows you to scan your network and allows you to find any IP, NetBIOS or SNMP enabled devices. The tool also supports Remote WMI, Registry and Service access that can be customized to your own needs. The Tool does not require installation. Download SoftPerfect Network Scanner from here

Collect BranchCache Bandwidth data using PowerShell

If you have BranchCache deployed within your enterprise environment you might be interested in the BranchCache Bandwidth Saving Calculation PowerShell Script for the SMB Protocol which allows you to collect and measure the amount of WAN bandwidth that is saved by your BranchCache deployment. Get the documentation and script from here

End of Support for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista (with no service packs installed)

Be aware of the upcoming End of Support for Windows Vista (RTM) and Windows XP SP2. More details here. Also read End of support for Windows 2000 and Extended Support phase transition for Windows Server 2003 here

Tip: Download more than 2 files at once (Internet Explorer)

I had thought that by now this is something everybody knows, but unfortunately that is not the case, so that is why I post this one today. By default, Windows Internet Explorer 7 and earlier versions limit the number of files that you can download at one time to two. Windows Internet Explorer 8 limits the number of files that you can download at one time to six. More details here

Windows 7 RC Expiration dates

if you are still running Windows 7 RC you might have noticed the expiration notification, if not then be aware that as of March 1st 2010 your client will automatically reboot every 2 hours. Conclusion, it’s about time to move to RTM. More information here

ViewTip: Application Virtualization (App-V) Video Series

Learn how to configure App-V; create, publish, and update virtual applications; and create and manage policies for virtual applicationss. The videos can be downloaded from here

Intel AMT 6.0 KVM Remote Control

Back in December 2009 I wrote an article about Remote Management of AMT/vPro machine with WinPE and VNC the reason for using VNC is because until AMT 5.0 only text based console redirection is supported, hence AMT 5.0 does only support text based operating systems, so if we wanted to remotely manage a PC to fix a problem we ended up using DOS or Linux based recovery media or a solution as described in the Read More …

ViewTip: Vista to Win7 transition bug

This week Jeremy Moskowitz wrote about a Vista/Win7 GPO bug in his weekly newsletter you should know about if you are transitioning to Windows 7. If you are a systems administrator dealing with Group Policies I strongly recommend to sign-up to Jeremy’s Newsletter. If you use Vista as your GP management station, and are transitioning to Windows 7 policy definitions, be careful of this bug !

Microsoft DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant (DCA)

For those of you that do already use Windows 7 DirectAccess or plan to do so in the near future have a look at the Microsoft DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant (DCA). The Microsoft DirectAccess Connectivity Assistant (DCA) helps organizations reduce the cost of supporting DirectAccess users and significantly improve their connectivity experience. DCA informs mobile users of their connectivity status at all times; provides tools to help them reconnect on their own if problems arise; and Read More …

ToolTip: Fiddler HTTP Debugging Proxy

During an Application Compatibility webcast I attended recently the presenter mentioned the Fiddler Tool. There are many network traffic monitoring Tools out there, but if you are just after capturing HTTP traffic, this one should get your attention. Fiddler is a Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler allows you to inspect all HTTP(S) traffic, set breakpoints, and "fiddle" with incoming or outgoing data Fiddler is FREE Read More …