Reimaging Macintosh Computers

Most of us desktop management consultants focus on the Windows Operating System, so I thought it’s about time to see how things work with other operating systems. I kind of know in theory how a LINUX installation works but Mac computers thus far has been unknown land for me. During my journey of collecting information I came across this video which demonstrates how to re-image a MAC computer. Another great information source I found is Read More …

Updated Application Virtualization Solutions Overview and Feature Compare Matrix Whitepaper

Ruben Spruijt has released an update of the Application Virtualization Solutions Overview and Feature Compare matrix whitepaper. Read more

How to embed YouTube video in PowerPoint 2007

Here’s a video that explains how to embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint slide.

ToolTip – Shell extensions for VHD files

If you are running a Hyper-V server, this is something you want to look at. The VHDShellExt.VBS extends the explorer context menu for VHD files with the following functions. Download the script from MSDN Code Gallery and run cscript.exe VHDShellExt.vbs /action:setup for installation. More documentation can be found on Ravikanth’s site.

Do not slipstream Windows XP sources on Windows Vista

Today one of my colleagues ran into an issue after having slipstreamed Service Pack 3 into Windows XP. During the Windows XP unattended installation process the provided product key within the unattend.txt file was not accepted, which caused the system to prompt for the product key. This turned out to be a known issue as documented within the following Microsoft support article. After you create Windows XP Service Pack 3 slipstreamed media, your product key Read More …

Video – What is a Browser

Just came across this video where people are being asked to explain what a Browser is. Its funny most people use it every day, but obviously don’t pay much attention how they get on to the internet. It’s just a matter of clicking that blue E.  

MED-V Planning, Deployment and Operations Guide

Microsoft has released the Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V version 1) Planning, Deployment and Operations Guide. The document can be found here

Is this Windows in the Cloud?

Just took a look on CodePlex to see if there’s any new interesting projects and came across the project. is a silverlight based website simulating an operating system inside your web browser. By the way, if you’re interested in these type of solutions, there’s also Wiki-OS or continue reading the WEB OS article on Mashable.

ToolTip – RegFromApp

Most Windows Operating System and Application settings are stored within the Windows Registry, so if you want to create a script that automates customized settings, but don’t know the exact registry key location or value, you usually end up creating a so-called registry snapshot that records the changes made to the Windows registry when applying a system or application change. Creating registry snapshots can be done with almost every application packaging software like InstallShield, or Read More …

What’s New in the Windows User State Migration Tool

Read about what’s new in USMT (User State Migration Tool), download the whitepaper here