Compaq Deskpro 486

For those who read my blog, know that from time to time a like to look back in history. Today I’ve found the Compaq Deskpro 486/33M Demo video. I remember well when we used these machines at our office. In fact Compaq had a very good concept in place in these days, allowing you to easily upgrade individual parts like the processor or graphics board without the need to replace the entire unit. By the Read More …

Yet another search engine….bing

As of June 3rd 2009, we’ll have another search engine to find stuff on the internet. Microsoft’s new search engine is called bing. Find out more about bing here.

Windows “Copenhagen”

Interesting concept from Cullen Dudas. An Interview with Cullen can be found here

Windows 7 HD and SSD Performance Analyzed

Just found this article about Windows7 HD and SSD performance.

Power to Change

Small changes can make a world of difference. With Power To Change, you can help make the world a greener place. Install the Power To Change widget and start making a difference! Check out the Power to Change website for more information and download the Widget.

Server core configuration made easier on 2008-R2

Watch this video on TechnetEdge explaining simplified server core configuration with Server 2008-R2.

Create empty files using fsutil.exe

I am currently busy with testing BranchCache in a real world environment. I will share more about these tests in another post. Testing BranchCache does mainly consist of copying files over the WAN and monitor how the client cache is being populated and how other clients, that copy the same content from the remote BranchCache enabled server, utilize the distributed cache located on peer clients that reside within the same LAN segment. Before testing the Read More …

ToolTip – PowerPlan Switcher for Windows

Just came across this very nice utility called the Smart Power Plan Switcher for Windows. The utility allows you to configure the power scheme to be used based on the current power status. So once your system runs on battery it will automatically switch to the preferred power scheme. the Software can be downloaded from the MSDN Code Gallery

Microsoft Office Labs

What technologies will we use in the near future, how will our work environment look like? Watch the video below or explore the Microsoft Office Labs web site and see how Microsoft thinks this is going to look like.

Who’s hosting me ?

This morning i had an issue with a fileserver that is running as a guest on a Hyper-V server, far away from my location, in fact I did not even know what Hyper-V system is hosting that Fileserver. I wanted to see within Hyper-V manager how the system is doing, but without knowing the Hyper-V server host name, you can’t connect (kind of logic) 🙂 So what’s the name of the underlying server that is Read More …