Office 2007 Service Pack 2 – All you need to know

Just came across these nice blog posts about the new Office 2007 Service Pack 2: Office 2007 Service Pack 2 Kiosk Office 2007 Service Pack 2 Kiosk, with more staples

Going beyond the standard Group Policy Preferences

Group Policies and Group Policy Preferences are great technologies to manage your enterprise desktops. But what if you want to go beyond the features Microsoft has build into the Group Policy Management Console? With PolicyPak you can consistently manage ANY application’s settings using the Windows native Group Policy technology. have a look at the PolicyPak introduction video below to learn what PolicyPak can do and how it works.   Learn more about PolicyPak and watch Read More …

Walkthrough to Get Your Applications Ready for Windows 7

Windows 7 – Learning Portal

The early days of personal computing

While usually we focus on what is happening today and what might come tomorrow, it’s quite interesting to look back in a while and learn how we actually got there.  By searching the web for historical tech content, I came across the website of the computer history museum located in Mountain View – California. I then found this very interesting video “Personal Computing: Historic Beginnings” presented by Alan Kay. The presentation is about 110 minutes Read More …

Windows Services, What changed from Vista to Windows7 – Part2

In part one of “Windows Services, What changed from Vista to Windows7”  I highlighted the new, renamed and removed services that come with Windows7. Some Services are not quite new, but are now just installed by default. One example is the ActiveX Installer Service. The below table lists those Services where the startup mode was changed from Automatic (Vista) to manual (Win7). Note that the “Status” for some Services on your system might be different. Read More …

Another Windows7 article from Gartner

This article discusses some thoughts around Windows 7 and Service Pack 1. Windows 7 Won’t Need SP1, but Will Still Need 12 to 18 Months Before Deployment Begins

Windows Services, what changed from Vista to Windows7 Part1

Today I took a closer look at the Windows Services running on Windows7. A lot of the performance improvements with Windows7 are related to the way how and when services are being loaded so i thought it’s worth to see what’s happening there. I first installed a Windows 7 build 7077 and a Windows Vista SP1 client on my Hyper-V server. Because I am primarily interested in what’s happening in an enterprise environment, both clients Read More …

VMWare vSphere

ESX was yesterday, tomorrow is vSphere. VMWare today announced vSphere. For more information watch the video below or go to: