Classic Menu in Microsoft Word 2007

With the release of the Office 2007 suite, Microsoft made some radical changes to the UI. Gone were the menus and toolbars, replaced by the “Ribbon” I’ve seen many users (including myself) struggling with the new user interface. It’s not that the concept of the Ribbon isn’t good, it’s rather the time it takes until you find the new location within the Ribbon to do something you have been doing for years with the old Read More …

Some thoughts about moving away from XP from Gartner

Although I don’t agree with everything Gartner writes the “Getting Off Windows XP Is More Important Than Windows Vista vs. Windows 7” article describes some thoughts to be made when planning the move from Windows XP to the next OS.

Windows7 – Device Stage

Another great feature that will come with Windows7 is Device Stage. Watch the video below and read the “Device Stage – A New Way of Interacting with Devices in Windows 7” on the Windows Blog to learn more about device stage. Personally I am interested how device stage can be used within an enterprise environment. I hope Microsoft is going to add some manageability functions for Device Stage.

Windows7 – DirectAccess video

For those who just can’t get enough, there is a new vide on TechNet Edge where Keith Combs demonstrates the DirectAccess.

Active Directory Powershell Blog

Those interested in managing Active Directory with PowerShell, have a look at the Active Directory Power Shell Blog.  

Top 10 List of Data Loss Disasters 2008

Last week-end I was sitting in an airplane and read a magazine that was provided for free to travelers at the airport (of course i had chosen an IT related one 🙂 ). The magazine contained an article talking about the top 10 data loss disasters collected by Ontrack. The Top 10 list of data loss disasters 2008 can be found here.

Perform Multithreaded File Copies with Robocopy in Windows 7

Read the TechNet article “Perform Multithreaded File Copies with Robocopy in Windows 7”

Windows 7 Walkthroughs – Updated

Microsoft has published additional Windows7 Walkthroughs on Microsoft TechNet. The Walkthroughs provide you with a high-level overview on the various features and enhancements that come with Windows7. User State Migration Tool BranchCache DirectAccess

Hyper-V Terminology

Talking to people about virtualization almost every day, I notice that many aren’t that familiar yet with all the terminologies. Ben Armstrong has written two good articles on his blog, describing all the terminologies used around Hyper-V. Hyper-V Terminology Hyper-V Terminology Update One of the things that seems to confuse people a lot is understanding the difference between Hyper-V Server and Hyper-V on Server 2008. I take the freedom of copying Ben’s explanation (below). Microsoft Read More …

Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization v1.0 Beta Demo Kit

Microsoft has made available a Demo Kit for their Enterprise Desktop Virtualization Beta aka MED-V. For more details read my earlier blog post “Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization aka MED-V”. The Demo Kit contains everything you need to get first hands-on experience. The Demo Kit can be downloaded from here.