Microsoft Knowledge Base – What’s new ?

So often you find yourself with a technical problem and after long searching you might come across a Microsoft Knowledge base article. Especially with new products so called quick fix engineering updates are provided on a regular basis, so I was Read More …

Windows PowerShell – Free booklet

As it looks like, Windows PowerShell will become part of Windows7, so it’s about time to start learning this powerfull scripting language. After i had downloaded PowerShell v1.0 (v2.0 is currently in CTP), i’ve started collecting and searching the documentation Read More …

It’s about time to install MS08-067

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s about time you get the MS08-067 patch installed on your Windows clients. According to a recent post on the Microsoft® Malware Protection Center blog, another wave of attacks has been identified. By the way Read More …

Windows and Memory Limitations

it was the second time this week i came across the Windows RAM topic, once by reading and once by a question a colleague asked me. So enough reasons to to look for something that describes it in detail. The Read More …

InstEd – Free Windows Installer database editor

For those dealing with application packaging here’s an interesting tool you should know about. For more details check out the InstEd site and read theblog.

Vista SP1 download using BITSADMIN

I wrote about BITSADMIN earlier, use the below command line to directly download Vista SP1. Note that you have to create the c;\download folder yourself or define an other path. BITSADMIN /TRANSFER VSP1 C:\DOWNLOAD\Windows6.0-KB936330-X86-wave0.exe

Remote Control your Mobile Phone

The task for this Saturday was to remote control my mobile phone. After a short search on the web I found MyMobileR The first good ting about this application is that it is FREE ! Second it’s easy to install, Read More …

Cloud Printing

We all have heard about Cloud Computing, now there is Cloud Printing ! Check out HPs CloudPrint. It’s still in BETA but worth to take a look.

Vista SP1 cleanup tool VSP1CLN.EXE

If you have installed Windows Vista SP1 on top of your first Vista installation and have no plans to uninstall it, you might want to give the following command a try “VSP1CLN.exe”. The Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) Files Removal Tool (VSP1CLN.exe) Read More …

Improve Vista Deployment time

I just read a blogpost from Michael Niehaus i think those deploying Windows Vista are interested to know about. The article describes how to shorten the OOBE process.