Volume activation documentation

Microsoft recently updated their volume activation 2.0 technical guidance documents. Everything you need about volume activation when deploying Vista / Win2008 can be found here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=9893f83e-c8a5-4475-b025-66c6b38b46e3&DisplayLang=en

A site worth mentioning

While searching for something I came across the site computer performance, why the sites is called like that, i don’t know, but it has a lot of interesting content related to windows 2008, vista, scripting etc. so that i find it worth mentioning. http://www.computerperformance.co.uk/index.htm

iTunes Genius rocks

With iTunes 8 Apple has added a new feature called Genius. when playing music the genius sidebar shows you related artists and songs. So while playing the first song of this playlist……. it does automatically show me the following related artists and songs. the idea is not new, but i like to see it being added to iTunes.

ToolTip – Shadowexplorer

This week i found a nice little tool called ShadowExplorer. ShadowExplorer allows you to browse the shadow copies created by the Windows® VistaTM Volume Shadow Copy Service. It’s especially thought for users of the home editions, who don’t have access to the shadow copies by default, but it’s also useful for users of the other editions. Download from: http://www.shadowexplorer.com/downloads.html As always, give it a try.

vPro colors in BIOS

When remotely accessing the system BIOS of a HP Compaq dc7800 desktop machine using vPro, the BIOS appears in black and white as shown in the picture below: to get the native BIOS colors you must configure the terminal emulator mode to ANSI then, the BIOS will appear with colors as if you were sitting in front of the physical machine. Thanks to Claude Henchoz for the hint.

Wireless GPO settings for XP

In the last 2 days i have spend some time in getting Wireless GPO settings applied to a Windows XP client. I was actually about to describe what i have done to get it working, but just noticed that there is already a similar article published on Technet Magazine related to Vista, so i am not going to rewrite things in detail again. The Cable Guy Wireless Group Policy Settings for Windows Vista Maybe interesting Read More …

Getting annoyed by the rumors

Instead of manually searching the web, i have created some Google Alerts. This is very useful as it does simply send me an e-mail every day with the found results. Of course like many others i’m also interested about what is going on around Windows 7, but to be honest, i really am not interested on how “Paint” will look. What annoys me most is all the rumors going around about the possible release date Read More …

Slipstreaming IE8

The “New Zealand IE8 Taskforce” posted a nice article on how to slipstream IE8 into Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 images.

Wireless Router with Power button

This is what i have been looking for since a while, about 12 months ago i was actively searching for a Wireless router with a power on/off button, but with no luck. Yesterday i read a local IT magazine where there was a reference to a Netgrear Wireless Router that has a power on/off button. I find having a power on/off button very useful for 2 reasons: Energy saving Less Wireless signals in the house Read More …