IE 8 Beta 2 released

Earlier as planned, Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. A final release date has not been communicated yet.

Take a break

Remember  Space Invaders. ……if you’re in the office, turn of sound 🙂 The flash based game can be found here. And if you have read my post about using BITS for file downloads you can download the swf file for offline use as well. enjoy

Organize your desktop

Sysinternals published a new nice utility called Desktops. Not that this is something we haven’t seen before, but like all the tools from sysinternals it’s all nicely packaged into one executable. It’s definitely worth a try. Thanks Tobi for the hint 🙂

Identifying the WDS Server

When deploying an image from a WDS server it might be useful to know its computer name. Johan Arwidmark has posted the details about the WDSServer variable on his blog here:

No Automatic reboot please

Saturday morning, before going out with my family on a shopping tour I started a large FTP download and assumed it would have completed upon my return…. a few hours later, I found my system at the logon prompt, as it had rebooted itself automatically and of course the FTP download was not completed. What happened ? Very simple, Windows Update had automatically rebooted the system, probably after having displayed a message as shown in Read More …

The need for installing the Intel Chipset update

Within one of the projects I’m working on, there was a debate about installing the Intel Chipset software. It was requested not to install it. I could not agree with that, as it is a common known best practice to install the Intel Chipset update software unless the operating system can configure the Intel chipset natively. A detailed table about when the Intel chipset software installation is needed can be found here: So what Read More …

The other search engine

When searching the web probably most of us do use Google, because although some don’t like to hear it, it has simply become the default search engine for most users and there doesn’t seem to be much competition, or would you use MSN search ? 🙂 I recently read an article in a newspaper about a new search engine that was being launched called CUIL, I became interested as they claim having the largest index, Read More …

Official blog on Windows 7

Looks like Microsoft has launched its first official blog that focuses on Windows 7. Read more here:

GP Preferences

In 2006 Microsoft acquired the company DesktopStandard known for its extending Group Policy products GPVault and PolicyMaker. While GPVault has become part of Microsofts MDOP suite that is available only for Enterprise customers that have a Software Assurance contract, the Policy Maker features have been available to everyone. The PolicyMaker GPO extensions are now called GP Preferences. GPO Preferences can be managed directly from a Windows 2008 system that has the latest GPMC installed or Read More …

Enable access to RSAT after installation

On Windows 2000/XP you used to install the adminpak.msi to get access to the various Administrator tools such as the Active Directory Users and Computers or the DHCP management interface. With Windows Vista SP1, you must install the RSAT package, RSAT stands for Remote Server Administrator Tool. Once installed, I wanted to access them, so as I am used to do opened the Administrative Tools in the Start menu,…. but there weren’t there……. ??? To Read More …