Finally joining the Mesh

Microsoft has opened live mesh to more testers, although only to users located in the U.S. Well, after changing the regional settings, you get to the next page, where you can sign-up 🙂 And after a few seconds…….

When Google was born

Using the the waybackmachine on allows you to see content of archived pages from the Internet. So i thought, let’s have a look at the early days of on November 11th 1998 on December 12th 1998 Then in September 1999 they launched officially. Read the announcement. Today (July 31rd 2008).   For those interested the Google Milestones can be read here.

The end of Windows 3.11

Remember this boot screen ? Although retired for years now, the Embedded community could still use it. In November 2008 it will definitely retire. Read more about the end of WFW 3.11 on John Coyne’s Embedded blog. As this discussion started in our internal discussion forum, i started looking in my drawer and guess what….. found an old floppy.

Grow vmware size – an update

Earlier i wrote about how to extend you virtual disk , although I have not been able to test , verify this new feature myself, from the documentation provided, it looks like ESX Server 3.5 Update 2 provides hot virtual extend support. Hot Virtual Extend Support – The ability to extend a virtual disk while virtual machines are running is provided. Hot extend is supported for vmfs flat virtual disks without snapshots opened in Read More …

Windows Embedded Standard

Today at work we talked about Windows XP embedded. It’s a bout 2 years ago that i had a look at XP embedded. Looks like Microsoft comes up with a next generation of Windows XP embedded. Below some links:

New site dedicated to Microsoft Hyper-V

Steven Bink owner of the famous web site has launched a new site dedicated to Microsoft Hyper-V and related technologies called Hypervoria

Yet another document resource

Back from vacation and cleaning up my mail. A colleague has send us the link to Scribd. Scribd is a document sharing community and by just browsing quickly through the content it looks like there is a lot of interesting reading stuff there. Those interested in Windows Server 2008 can download the free eBook Windows 2008 Server unleashed with 1’400 pages.

Scripting Registry permissions

Today some e-mails where exchanged on how to best script registry permissions. Depending on what you want to achieve here’s a couple of tools that can be of help. SetACL.exe SubinACL.exe Regini.exe

Reading – Administering Windows Vista Security

Although you usually don’t read IT related books from page 1 and end it on the last page, I consider having finished reading Mark Minasis’ Administering Windows Vista Security – The Big surprises. While many IT books can end up being a bit annoying, i found this one very nice to read as it does include the authors own opinion and practical experiences and it does real fluently. The book gives you a good insight Read More …

Slaves to the process

Claude my team mate sended me this one, good enough to blog a reference to this article.